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I was made in Chicago and born in Norway, so I was in America before I was borne. One of my brothers was also borne in Chicago and here is a picture of us on a visit to our mother’s mother, I am laying on the ground.
I grew up on a small form with view over the fjord, out on the ocean and to some islands and steep mountains behind. It was a big playground but with plenty of work. My father was a sailor and I became a fisherman, working on trawlers.
We were in the Lutheran Church and went also to smaller Christian congregations. I was thought to believe in Jesus and to call upon him as my savior and Lord and in this way may faith in him became personal. When I went to high-school, I came into free churches where there came messages in translation of “speaks in tongues” and I realized that Jesus answered my praying in this way. That he has continued to do later also, so I continue to pray to him, actually I talk with him.
I was also interested in mathematics and natural sciences, so I have studied mathematics, programming, physics, chemistry, biology, basic courses in geology and astronomy. Not very advanced, but I have a wide basement.
So there is something special with me, at the same time as I have been working as a fisherman and studied mathematics, programming and natural sciences, I have been talking with him who created it all.

Opposisjonen mot mannens optimistiske tru og hans konstruktive tenking for å få seg eit meiningsfullt liv og motarbeidinga av hans arbeid for å produsere noko verdifullt, viser seg no i ”Drakulas rekrutterings-aksjonar”.

Kampen for tilværet, kva hjelper og kva gir motstand? Motstand frå tradisjonell moralfilosofi fører til degenerering og fornedring av mennesket. I Middelalderen ville keisaren bygge makta si på kyrkja. Det betydde også at han prøvde å få politisk makt gjennom kyrkja og dermed gjennom religionen igjen. Sidan prøvde […]